Five Powerful New Uses for Your Video Content - Strategic Brand Communications l 603-658-1600
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Flexibility makes online video a workhorse for smart marketers, especially given today’s voracious demand for video content. So take a moment to look at the videos and extra footage you have on hand. Chances are that they can be repurposed with little effort to reach new audiences, add online followers and boost customer engagement. In fact, here are five simple ways to evolve your existing video assets into powerful new tactics.

  1. For new platforms: a 2- or 3-minute video that’s optimal for YouTube can be recycled into a 20-second spot on Facebook or Instagram, a 30-second commercial, a 10-second Snapchat video or a 6-second loop for Twitter posts. With new online platforms emerging all the time, a few simple edits can help you explore and test innovative channel options to optimize your marketing mix.
  2. For mobile markets: unlike PDFs or long-form web content that are hard to navigate on tiny screens, video is easily viewed by users of mobile devices. Take advantage with a text message or email campaign targeting mobile users and linking them to videos accessible via your site, landing page or social media channels.
  3. For non-English speakers: if you want to reach prospects who don’t speak English as their primary language, videos can often be adapted much more cost-effectively than a print brochure or advertisement. Just add subtitles or dub in a new voiceover. You might not even need voiceovers at all, since many mobile users today watch videos with the sound off while they multitask.
  4. For offline impact: in addition to the Web, video is super effective for lobby displays and in-person presentations. Why bore prospects with static Powerpoint slides? It’s easy to station a laptop or TV monitor that loops your videos for a captive audience, or to embed them in sales presentations for extra impact and polish.
  5. For refreshing content: video production often yields a treasure trove of extra footage, and it should never go to waste. Even if you’re happy with the finished video, your library of unused “B-roll” footage should be leveraged relentlessly to provide a steady stream of drop-in or bonus content that can keep visitors coming back to your page. For today’s restless information consumers, what’s valuable is what’s new.

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