What is appropriate messaging in the wake of COVID-19? - Strategic Brand Communications l 603-658-1600
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We wanted to share something positive we’ve been working on in the hopes it can help you, too.

Since winter, we’ve been helping clients with messaging strategy and fresh content to help them prepare for and now weather the pandemic. Messaging that was fresh just months ago has aged like milk, and it’s absolutely essential that your organization and brand update content and shift focus to be appropriate for today and the landscape ahead.

We offer the following as a set of guidelines and suggestions to help you hit the mark: 

  1. Revisit your existing messaging with a fresh set of eyes and make sure it’s still appropriate. Are you depicting people in crowds? Encouraging people to visit retail stores? Asking people to meet with you? Those messages and images will fall flat causing you to miss opportunities.
  2. Create content for your website that speaks directly to how you are serving customers based on the challenges of the pandemic. Highlight positives. If you work for a bank or credit union, remember there is a difference between being “closed” and your branch lobbies being “temporarily unavailable.” And now more than ever, create and build content with an eye toward the mobile experience first. More people than ever are using mobile devices to go online vs. desktop systems. If your mobile user experience is poor or material is unreadable on a smartphone, your message isn’t getting through.
  3. Don’t spread worry and fear. Be brave and appropriate, and support those in need however you can. This is an opportunity to lead by example. Seize it!
  4. Remain focused on your mission statement and adapt your communications to the current climate. Be compassionate and show the heart behind your brand. People need you. 
  5. Take extra care that your messages are clear, concise and useful. Anticipate the needs of those you serve, and cut to the chase. 
  6. Explore creative solutions. Can’t do a photoshoot? Create 3-D renderings instead. Can’t do a video shoot? Use footage you already shot in fresh ways or harness animation to get new content out there. Create virtual tours and other immersive experiences that give people a taste without leaving home. Create engaging content using video chat and webcams. You don’t need a big budget to have a great idea. (And you don’t need to leave home to make it happen.)

Be well and stay safe. We’re here to help in any way that we can. Contact us at 603-658-1600 or email josh@creativeco-op.com.