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Effective salespeople never forget their ABCs – “always be closing.” Similarly, these five Cs can help spell success online, paying off advertising and email campaigns with a high-powered landing page that turns interest into action.

Continuity: People who respond to your ad or email expect to experience the same look, language and tone on the other side of their click. Always evaluate your landing page side-by-side with your ads in order to find and eliminate any disconnects. Key point: make sure your headline pays off the proposition or problem that got people to respond in the first place.

Clarity: Like a funnel, your landing page should narrow down content to a single course of action. (Studies indicate, for example, that single-offer pages get 226% more leads than pages with multiple offers.) So avoid multiple offers and excess content. Instead, streamline text with bullet points, bold keywords and graphics that tell your story at a glance.

Credibility: Reinforce the value of your offer by featuring endorsements, links to positive reviews or respected brands that you work with. Healthy skepticism is a fact of life online, so giving prospects convincing “trust signals” is important if you wish to boost response rates.

Call to Action: The action you want visitors to take should be the focal point of your landing page. Variables such as size, color and placement of your link or phone number make a big difference in conversion rates, but everything starts with an appealing call to action: Start My 30-Day Trial, Save 50% Now, Download Our Free White Paper. A compelling call to action greatly outperforms an uninspired “Submit” button.

Conversion: One of our pet peeves is online reply forms that turn away prospects because they’re hard to complete or greedy for information. So back off from the 10-item brand surveys and ask no more than two or three questions. Also, check all forms and wording carefully to ensure that they are clear, correct and on-brand. Often these “back end” functions are ignored until the last minute, resulting in embarrassing errors just as you’re closing the loop.


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