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Fun is big business here in New Hampshire, and smart resorts know that spirited blogging is a must if you want to generate high search rankings that keep skiers and zipliners streaming in. But even fun can get monotonous – especially in winter, when so many posts come down to weather and snow. Instead, use these tips to keep your content as well groomed as your slopes throughout the year.


#1: Bring in new voices

Resort blogs are often in the hands of one professional, and even for the best of us it can be a challenge to keep that imposing list of posts from coming across as a “monoblog.” You can always invite more interaction with contests, trivia questions or mini-surveys, but don’t stop there. Quote someone in a headline. Do a mini-interview with a colleague or well-known industry figure. Ghostwrite a prominently flagged “guest column.” Or just ask your folks to share the funniest quotes they heard this week. Creating a back-and-forth that says “other people” will make your blogging livelier and more engaging – while, not coincidentally, enhancing your SEO.


#2: Tell great stories

The customers who love you and gush about their day at the resort on social media? Find them. Reach out to them, if need be. Then offer them a bigger stage to describe that incredible run or the staff member who went above and beyond. These testimonials are priceless word-of-mouth anytime – but online, they also drive traffic. Be sure to promote them on social media with Facebook or Twitter tags, so their friends and followers can get in on the fun and tell their own tales.


#3: Invent a different angle

Marketing pros typically blog with clear objectives in mind. Maybe it’s publicizing programs and promotions, or convincing prospects and newcomers to get their feet wet and convert to customers. But blogs are wonderfully elastic things, and you can always do more. For example: what if you decided this week that you’re appointing yourself ambassador to the little known areas of your resort? A review of your homepage might lead to a post with tips from the unsung hero who works miracles in your repair shop, or an off-slope activity that people haven’t caught on to. You can find a fresh angle anywhere, and it’ll often tow you out of a mental rut.


#4: Repurpose your most popular posts

In advertising, we learn all too quickly that only a small fraction of our audience notices a message the first time. So leave behind any concerns about revisiting a post that generated a lot of responses in the past. Instead, follow up on it. Link to it. Expand on it. Or, if you have popular videos, think about a highlight collection. You’ll learn first-hand what resonates with your audience. And there’s nothing more valuable than that.


These evergreens work every season of the year, helping to make your blog more engaging. At the same time, they’ll keep you fresh and help contribute to your resort’s long-tail search results over the long haul. That’s when the fun really starts.


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