Five Compelling Cases for Rebranding Your Law Firm - Strategic Brand Communications l 603-658-1600
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To a rare degree, law firms succeed not by what they do, but who they are – the values, culture, achievements and identity that make them top-of-mind with clients who chose them for counsel. So legal marketers must keep a critical eye on the health of their overall brand, not merely individual tactics. Here are five cases in which a brand evolution or even a complete rebranding may be the only way to hold a strong position with clients, talent and potential referrers.


  1. Your name or management is changing. If you’re facing partner turnover, a merger or organizational rightsizing, your culture and brand will change as surely as your letterhead. Reviewing them all at the same time isn’t merely cost-efficient, but essential to ensure that your most compelling value propositions are understood by clients, the public and your own people.
  2. Your practice areas have evolved. Perhaps you’re still presenting yourself as a general practice, despite most of your business coming from one particular type of work – or vice versa. At Creative Co-op we’ve often seen firms simply bolt new features onto their old brand, hoping that an extra bullet point, web page or case study could somehow find the right audience. But that’s no substitute for a clear, focused identity that speaks to the clients who best fit your practice today and going forward.
  3. Your client base must diversify. Whether you’re entering a new market or approaching an unfamiliar client segment, it’s never wise to assume that what worked before will work again. An estate planning practice accustomed to serving Baby Boomers will find very different challenges with the millennials poised to overtake Boomers as America’s largest generation, dictating a serious reappraisal of its future marketing.
  4. Your reputation has been compromised. Today it’s all too easy for a controversy, dispute or unpopular client to go viral, affecting public perceptions of your practice long after the issue has been resolved. Rehabilitating a damaged reputation can take years, often costing more than a rebranding that offers a clean slate in a fraction of the time.
  5. Your brand no longer engages clients. Are clients proud to use your firm? Do they feel that you’re the ideal practice for their legal needs? A strong brand exerts a powerful emotional connection; without that, you could see revenues stagnate as clients balk at your rates or begin taking work to practices that have usurped your position.


At Creative Co-op we offer all the tools and expertise for an efficient brand evolution or complete rebranding that can help you attract quality clients, improve retention, strengthen employee engagement and raise the value of your practice. To learn how, call (603) 658-1600 or contact us online today.