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Modern digital technology enables financial institutions of all sizes to efficiently create video content and TV spots. But you can still rely on old-school fundamentals to make your content better, and your creative work hard. Follow these best practices for more effective work:

  1. Profile your target audience.

Don’t aim blindly at vanilla targets such as “small businesses” or “homebuyers.” Be specific about the people who should be hooked by your content. Modern marketers often start by developing personas – fictional people with names, demographic characteristics, unmet needs and pain points – then tailoring scripts and visuals to that audience. It works.

  1. Create a strong call to action.

Give viewers a compelling reason to respond. Offer a free planning guide, limited-time rate or some other incentive that gets them to act. As part of your call to action, you might also point viewers to a dedicated landing page or phone number that makes it easier to track responses. You’ll get more data to justify your investment, while gaining valuable insights on which broadcast or online channels work best for you.

  1. Do your tweaking in pre-production.

In the excitement to start shooting, some clients rubber-stamp scripts, shot lists and schedules – then have second thoughts or do-overs during production. Not only does this waste money while camera crews are on the clock, but it often wastes valuable staff time and ties up any facilities used in production. Ask questions and voice opinions early, until it’s all down on paper to your satisfaction. You’ll save a lot.

  1. Budget for multiple cameras and B-roll content.

Extra HD video cameras can often be worked into your budget affordably. They let you shoot more scenes and angles for priceless flexibility if the primary shot isn’t what you want. Plus, they make it easy to grab additional footage while your professional crew is available. The extra “B-roll” bonus content can really sweeten your commercial during editing, or prove handy in future projects.


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