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Building Trust With

Essential Communications

Challenging times call for creative solutions.

Here at Creative Co-op, we’re working remotely for the time being without missing a beat for our clients. But it’s anything but business as usual. Brand messages and strategies that were appropriate not long ago now seem tone deaf and wrong. Images and footage of people gathering, shaking hands, shopping in crowded retail areas and more all send unintended messages in today’s landscape.

It’s never been more important for organizations and brands to quickly pivot to appropriate communications, visuals, messages and tactics.

A common challenge for most businesses – during normal times – is how to effectively communicate to their target audiences in a way that resonates with customers, is memorable and evokes a response. In addition, businesses need to ensure that they communicate consistently and on-brand at every customer touch point in order to create trust and build a solid relationship.

But a “one message fits all” strategy is useless in an environment that is always changing. The current pandemic is a perfect example of how every business needs to reevaluate their essential communications to help ensure they remain relevant as the new “business reality” evolves. We suggest the following:

  1. Revisit your existing messaging with a fresh set of eyes and make sure it’s still appropriate. Are you depicting people in crowds? Encouraging people to visit retail stores? Asking people to meet with you?
  2. Create content for your website that speaks directly to how you are serving customers based on the challenges of the pandemic. Highlight positives. If you work for a bank or credit union, remember there is a difference between being “closed” and your branch lobbies being temporarily unavailable.
  3. Don’t spread worry and fear. Be brave and appropriate, and support those in need however you can. This is an opportunity to lead by example. Seize it!
  4. Remain focused on your mission statement and adapt your communications to the current climate. Be compassionate and show the heart behind your brand. People need you.
  5. Take extra care that your messages are clear, concise and useful. Anticipate the needs of those your serve and cut to the chase.
  6. Explore creative solutions. Can’t do a photoshoot? Create 3-D renderings instead. Can’t do a video shoot? Use footage you already shot in fresh ways or harness animation to get fresh content out there. Create virtual tours and other immersive experiences that give people an experience without leaving home. Create engaging content using video chat and webcams. You don’t need a big budget to have a great idea. (And you don’t need to leave home to make it happen.)

At Creative Co-op, we can help you evolve your essential communications and strategy to address current challenges – and do so quickly and efficiently.

Please call 603-658-1600 or email to discuss your needs and how we can help.