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An industry that’s always chasing The Next Big Thing, advertising is usually looking ahead rather than looking back. But if you pride yourself on knowing a thing or two about Madison Avenue trivia, take our Creative Co-op Advertising History Quiz. Four correct answers will make you a certified Ad Guru – and a perfect score will earn our undying admiration!

#1:    The first radio ad buy happened when?

A.  1922

B.   1898

C.   1911

D.   1935

ANSWER: A. In 1922 WEAF in New York purchased four 15-second radio spots to promote a new apartment complex. Total cost: $50.

#2:    When your site hosts a banner ad, how much do you typically earn per click?

A.  Less than a penny

B.   About 5-10 cents

C.   About 1-2 dollars

D.   About 50-75 cents

ANSWER: B. While banner ads don’t have many fans among website visitors, site owners love getting anything from a nickel to a dime for every click they generate.

#3:    True or False: If you post branded content on social media, your most receptive audience will be millennials.

ANSWER: False. In fact, social media users age 55-64 are your easiest target, more than twice as likely to interact with branded content.

#4:    Speaking of social media, what was the first social network?

A.  MySpace

B.   Friendster

C.   Mixi


ANSWER: D. In 1997 introduced many of the features now common on social media, allowing users to list friends, add new contacts, post content and find common connections with other users.

#5:    When was the first U.S. advertising agency opened?

A.  1843  

B.   1779

C.   1882

D.   1925

ANSWER: A. Philadelphia’s Volney Palmer opened his agency in 1843, earning commissions by selling newspaper space and even helping advertisers to make more effective ads.

#6:    True or False: funny cat memes predate the Internet by a century.

ANSWER: True. As long ago as 1870, English photographer Harry Pointer was melting hearts with his “Brighton Cats” photos of felines skating, cycling and even snapping pictures.